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Don't Hide Your Teen Driver from your Insurance Company

While some parents may simply forget to add their newly licensed teen driver to their insurance policy, others intentionally do not notify their carrier about the new driver in the house in an effort to save money from the unavoidable increase that comes when their teenager gets their Nevada driver's…
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Insurance Discount for Teen Drivers

Taking driving lessons in Las Vegas for those who reside in and around Clark County is one of the best ways for teen drivers to get a discount on their automobile insurance. In most cases, parents of teen drivers often pay for their minor children's automobile insurance by adding them to their own policy.…

Nevada Driving Test - How to Practice Parallel Parking

In this post, we will teach you how to practice parallel parking. Most people seeking a Nevada driver's license are fully aware that parallel parking is one component of the Nevada driving skills test. In fact, this single maneuver is what most people dread most about the driving test. Those that get…

I Just Passed My Nevada Driving Test!

Passing your behind the wheel test and getting your driver's license is a rite of passage all over Nevada. At that moment, you are now authorized to drive a car.....alone. An adult no longer has to ride with you. You are now free to drive whenever and with whomever you wish. Or are you? Nevada has laws…
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What to Bring to Your Nevada Driving Test

  When you arrive at a Nevada DMV office for a Nevada driving test, there are several things that you must bring as a teen driver. This post will list everything that the Nevada DMV requires: 1. Parent or Guardian: this is an obvious one, but all teen drivers under the age of 18 years old…
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Why Your Child Needs Professional Driving Lessons in Las Vegas

Utilizing a Las Vegas driving school when first learning to drive is one of the best things a new driver can do. Taking driving lessons with a professional driving instructor allows new drivers to put their best foot forward from the very start. In doing so, a new driver quickly develops good habits,…

Red Car Myth

Many students ask, "If I buy a red car, will the police stop me more often and give me a ticket?" Some people believe that the police focus on red cars because they stand out in a crowd or they are more prone to have drivers who speed or break the law. This is probably due to insurance companies rates…
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Driving Lessons in Las Vegas

As you may know, NV Drivers ED not only has the #1 online teen drivers ed course in the State of Nevada but we also offer driving lessons in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. Our Las Vegas driving school is the only school in Nevada that is owned and operated by local, recently-retired police officers.…
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The Top 5 Steps to Getting a Nevada Drivers License

The following points are the top 5 steps, in recommended order for obtaining your full Nevada drivers license. 1. Take a 30-Hour Nevada Driver's Ed Course: If you are a teen, under the age of 18 years old, Nevada law requires you to take a 30-hour Nevada driver's ed course before you can get your…

Toyota Teen Drive 365

We've touched on the dangers of distracted driving in prior blog posts and by now, most people are aware of the dangers. Despite that recognition, many fatal and serious injury crashes are a result of distracted driving. This is especially true of new and inexperienced drivers. Younger drivers are especially…
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The Run Down on Nevada Moped Laws

Gas powered scooters, also known as mopeds, are a fun and efficient way to get around town for those looking for an economical means of transportation. Unfortunately, many people are confused about the laws that govern these vehicles. In this post, we will provide a run down of the laws that govern…

The Most Dangerous Time to Drive

It's easy to figure out your own most dangerous time to drive--it's when you make the decision to consume alcohol and get behind the wheel. Needless to say, consuming alcohol and driving puts you at a very high risk of becoming involved in a serious accident or at minimum, behind bars. Common sense…

What to do When Stopped by Police

Whether you have taken online driver's ed or not, If you're like most people, you get a little nervous when you see a police car. Almost everyone does.  It's natural. No one likes tickets. This is especially true for new teen drivers. Now imagine that police car is behind you, red and blue lights flashing,…

Certificate of Attendance (NRS 392)

Nevada law mandates that teen drivers under the age of 18 must now present a signed DMV form 301 when applying for a driver's license. This new form (301) is a certificate signed by a high school official that verifies you meet school attendance requirements. During the summer, when school is out of…

Preparing for the Nevada Driving Skills Test - Part I

In this post, we will discuss how to prepare for the Nevada driving skills test, also known as the "road test." This is where the rubber meets the road--literally. This is the final portion of the Nevada driver's test which, if passed successfully, will earn you the coveted Nevada driver's license.…

How to Get a Nevada Driver's License

This post will show you how to get a Nevada driver's license in simple, step-by-step "visual" fashion. This is the best way to follow the sometimes confusing information on the DMV website. If you are ready to start your Nevada driver's ed requirement, please be sure to visit us at https://nvdriversed.com…

Handling Traffic Accidents in Las Vegas

**Update** Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is again responding to traffic accidents As you may have heard, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (Metro) no longer responds to automobile accidents where no one was injured, with few exceptions. According to LVMPD, traffic fatalities…

Nevada Ranks #18 Best State for Teen Drivers

New York ranks as the #1 state for teen drivers while South Dakota ranks the worst. Nevada ranks #18. One of the criteria for ranking these states is based on the graduated driver's license requirements. While Nevada doesn't rank in the top 10, it's important to know that Nevada is one of the few states…